Tools and Resources


CHLM offers a range of tools and resources to help PAs and NPs develop the leadership and management skills necessary to improve patient access and care. Our tools and resources will help PAs and NPs understand how their productivity can be calculated, which PA/NP leadership models exist in other hospitals and health systems, key compliance issues they should be aware of, and more.

Compliance Booklet

Organizational PA and NP Policy Considerations

This booklet, available for purchase from the AAPA store, provides a review of compliance and clinical policy considerations using federal rules and regulations and a business case study to help users better understand PA and NP scope of practice.


Operational Visibility Worksheets

This interactive tool was designed to help those that manage PAs and NPs assess productivity and the financial implications of their workforce. As institutions continue to grow their PA and NP workforce and as value-based reimbursement moves to the forefront, calculating productivity becomes increasingly important.

The worksheets produce a productivity snapshot for one provider. They serve as a tool to practice productivity analysis patterns and allow the user to see the impact of a few changes to billing practices.

The worksheets include default inputs and assumptions based on CHLM’s research, Medicare reimbursement data, and secondary literature, and allows users to adjust inputs to reflect their own circumstances.


Sample Competency Assessment Tool

Designed to provide leaders and managers a resource when considering the development of an organization-specific assessment, this tool includes core competencies for PAs and NPs as well as sample competencies drawn from a specialty or department-specific practice.


Case Studies

As health systems evaluate the functionality and effectiveness of their systems and processes, it can be helpful to consider models found at other employers. We offer case studies as examples to review when considering organizational changes.


Compliance Assessment

10 Questions to Ask if You Employ PAs and NPs

If compliance concerns keep you up at night, this ten-question assessment on legal and regulatory issues relating to PA and NP utilization can help you better understand your organization’s compliance position. If there are several questions to which an answer is unknown or responses raise concerns about the organization’s practices, it’s time to start asking some questions and engaging in conversations to address potential issues.


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