PAs & NPs

Your Workplace Partner

We focus on your workplace so that you can focus on your patients. Our work at CHLM is driven by the knowledge that PAs and NPs are invaluable assets to the healthcare industry, now more than ever. Many employers, however, need strategic and operational guidance on how to best utilize their PA and NP workforce and cultivate PA and NP leaders.

How do we do that? CHLM advises employers on best practices to maximize provider utilization and retain top talent. We develop PA and NP leaders with innovative training events. And we review and approve conferences and other live events that reflect our commitment to optimizing provider practice and developing leaders.

How CHLM Develops Leaders

Advisory Services

Through assessment and analysis, CHLM identifies operational, strategic, and/or revenue changes that can improve efficiency at your organization. Learn more about the advisory services CHLM can offer employers to maximize utilization, capture increased billing and reimbursement opportunities, and minimize compliance risk.

Leadership Training & Professional Development

CHLM offers opportunities for leadership training at all points during an APP’s career trajectory, whether it’s a first-time leadership position or a management skills refresher.

CHLM also offers career resources and professional development opportunities for APPs. Through CHLM’s trusted recruiter partners and job placement services, providers can find new opportunities for employment.

CHLM Approval Program

CHLM approves conferences, live events, webinars and other programs containing curriculum that parallels our mission of optimizing provider practice and developing leadership skills.

Find a CHLM approved program or apply for the CHLM seal of approval for your event.

Put our expertise to work for your organization.