Due to unexpected circumstances, the certificate program will be suspended as of the Fall 2019 semester. Please check back to the website for further updates or contact [email protected] for more information.

PA/NP Leadership and Management Certificate Program

Graduate Certificate for PAs, NPs, and Those Who Manage Them

The CHLM and Northeastern University PA/NP Leadership and Management Certificate offers specialized training for those pursuing or currently in leadership and management positions within their healthcare organizations. Designed for PAs, NPs, and those who manage them, this 12-credit graduate certificate program is distinctive from content typically found in MBA or MHA curricula. Jointly offered by CHLM and Northeastern University, this certificate focuses on critical competencies related to managing and leading within healthcare organizations. In addition to academic credit, students who complete the certificate may earn a total of 60 AAPA Category 1 CME credits.



Boldly Lead Your Advanced Practice Provider Team With New Critical Competencies 

Employers expect their leaders to know how to manage conflict, lead projects, communicate effectively, advocate for their ideas, measure workforce productivity, as well as understand the nuances of PA and NP billing and reimbursement. Students will gain proficiency in these areas and more through the completion of this certificate. The knowledge gained will be relevant and directly applicable to leadership positions within healthcare organizations, preparing participants to take on these roles and be more marketable to employers.


Principles of Leadership in Healthcare

Course Description:

This course serves as an introduction to general leadership theory, knowledge, and skills. Students will gain insight into differing leadership theories such as scientific, moral, transactional, transformational, and situational as well as be able to assess current knowledge and skill in essential leadership practices such as vision, planning, decision-making, communication, team leadership, conflict resolution, motivation and developing others, power/influence, culture, change, mentorship, and evaluation.

Advocacy in Leadership

Course Description:

This course will focus on preparing the PA/NP leader in two types of leadership advocacy: 1) to advance the agenda of the rapidly changing profession by the examination of relevant health policy research and analysis (legislative advocacy) and 2) to successfully advocate for their ideas as leaders (self-advocacy).

Medical Billing and Reimbursement for PAs and NPs

Course Description:

Medical Billing and Reimbursement for PAs and NPs delivers an introduction to the basics of medical insurance billing and current payment methodologies in the inpatient, outpatient, and surgical settings with a heavy focus on Medicare billing since 3rd party payer rules can vary per payer and/or per state. The course focuses on compliance with regulatory requirements, proper documentation requirements, and common Medicare billing practices.

Metrics: Measuring, Comparing, and Privileging Your PA and NP Workforce

Course Description:

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of metrics and analysis surrounding PA and NP productivity, outcomes, competencies, and retention. The emphasis will be on understanding and applied methodology, not on statistical analysis. By the end of the course, students should have a firm grasp on dashboard/scorecard anatomy, metric categories, dashboard analysis, the clinical competency-dashboard relationship, and special considerations for PA and NP metric tracking.


Who can apply?

This 12-credit graduate certificate is ideal for PAs and NPs pursuing, or currently in, leadership and management positions within their healthcare organizations. The program is designed for PAs, NPs, and those who manage them to gain a better understanding of their growing PA/NP workforce. For more information about admission and application requirements visit the Northeastern University Bouvé College of Health Sciences website.

How do I apply for the certificate program?

Applicants may apply for either fall or spring enrollment. For more information about admission and application requirements, as well as program details such as faculty information and program costs, visit the Northeastern University Bouvé College of Health Sciences website.

How much does the program cost and what are payment options?

Students may use resources such as employer tuition reimbursement and CME funds toward program fees. The program consists of 12 credits. For the 2019-20 academic year, the per credit tuition cost is $936. If the certificate is completed within the academic year, the total cost of all four courses will be $11,232. This reflects a 37% partnership discount off of the normal per credit cost.

Students may use the prepared CHLM and Northeastern Justification Letters to request educational funding from their employers to help with the cost of the program.

For more information about program costs and payment options, visit the Northeastern University Bouvé College of Health Sciences website.

Are the courses in-person or online?

The courses for the PA/NP Leadership and Management Certificate Program are offered online to maximize flexibility for the working individual.

Can I earn both CME credit and academic credit?

Yes. In addition to earning academic credit for completed courses, students may earn 15 AAPA Category 1 CME credits per course for a total of 60 CME credits when the certificate is completed. In order to receive CME credit for a course, students must successfully complete the course in its entirety.

How many credits/courses must I complete to get the certificate?

Students must successfully complete 12 credits, or four 3-credit courses, to earn the graduate certificate.

How long will it take me to complete the certificate?

We anticipate most learners will choose to finish the certificate in one year, however, enrollees will have up to 4 years to complete the certificate coursework.

How is this certificate program different from an MBA or MHA curriculum?

The majority of the content in this program will not be found in a typical MBA or MHA curriculum. It is distinctive because it focuses on critical competencies related to managing and leading PAs/NPs. This certificate allows learners to acquire leadership and management knowledge that is particular to their profession. The content will be immediately applicable to a learner’s work environment.

Why is it important to have PAs/NPs in leadership positions?

With the ever-growing number of PAs and NPs in the workforce, there should be leaders who understand the intricacies of scope of practice, utilization, billing and reimbursement, and more in order to promote positive practice environments. Understanding what these providers can do and ensuring that PAs and NPs are included in strategic conversations about the direction of healthcare is critical. Being represented by individuals that understand the profession is imperative for future success.