Leadership and Management Tracks

When looking ahead, look to us.

Every day, you step up as a leader in the care you provide. Now, you’re ready to step into a new role in leadership and management.

Maybe your calling is managing providers and making sure they have a voice. You might envision consulting with a healthcare device company. Or perhaps managing a research team is your passion.

Whether your new role requires taking a few online courses, completing a certificate or master’s program, or earning your doctorate, it’s all possible with the right team backing you up. A team that understands the demands of clinical practice and respects your timeline, goals, and budget.

Let’s Get Started

  1. Explore the different tracks and decide which is right for you using our interactive tool.
  2. Already decided? Select your track page from the five offerings below and get started.
  3. Within each track, choose to pursue a CHLM Degree Pathway, take CHLM online courses, get live learning at our Executive Leadership Conference, or earn your PA Leadership and Management Certificate.

Tracks Overview

Use the interactive tabs to see which CHLM and partner resources are available under each track.

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