Solutions for the Business of Healthcare

Every day, healthcare organizations like yours face multiple challenges: improving the quality of patient care, enhancing patient and provider satisfaction, and augmenting operational efficiency…just to name a few. Research proves that the successful incorporation of PAs and NPs into provider teams helps address these challenges. Our team provides healthcare systems and their executives with options to better incorporate PAs and NPs that aligns with executive strategy as well as guides operational staff with prioritized recommendations and facilitated implementation. That’s what CHLM is all about.


Our mission is to provide both strategic and operational guidance on how institutions can best utilize their PA and NP workforce while maintaining alignment with organizational goals. Our research shows that realizing peak provider optimization is essential in the new era of value-based care and looming physician shortages.


Our team is not comprised of typical healthcare consultants. Rather, our expertise lies in the niche market of PA and NP utilization. PAs and NPs are the fastest growing provider pools in the United States. CHLM is uniquely positioned, to provide the most current legislative updates in billing and reimbursement, best practices, and provider satisfaction, hiring, and retention strategies. Our team is supported by a group of national experts in advocacy, compliance, billing and reimbursement, and utilization research.

What We Stand For

We Value Our Clients

Each of our clients face unique challenges from the ever-changing and dynamic healthcare marketplace. Because of this, we offer an individualized and focused approach to each client’s needs and recommend solutions specific to their environments.

We Are Accountable

Client’s work with CHLM because we are committed to helping healthcare organizations create access for patients, while providing quality patient care. We can be depended upon to recommend clear steps toward PA and NP optimization that can positively affect patient outcomes, organization efficiencies, and PA/NP satisfaction.

We Are Passionate About Our Work

We are dedicated to serving our clients through creative and innovative solutions. Our team is passionate about healthcare, providers, and the patients our high-quality products and services ultimately impact.

We Act With Integrity

We respect our clients and embrace our responsibility as leaders providing unparalleled insights and guidance from decades of experience in the healthcare industry. Clients can trust CHLM to maintain confidentiality and provide actionable recommendations to help them move from conversation to implementation.

How CHLM Builds a Culture of Excellence

Advisory Services

We provide the expertise, resources, and best practices to help hospitals and other healthcare organizations effectively incorporate and unlock their value. CHLM has successfully guided a number of hospital and medical practices to improve provider utilization, billing and regulatory compliance, and more. Our phased approach to advisory services is customized to each institution’s unique needs and goals.

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Case Studies

CHLM’s case studies feature the models being practiced by other health organizations in areas such as leadership structures and utilization of PAs and NPs. These models can help employers consider potential changes within their own organizations and spark ideas for improvements within their own settings.

Professional Development

CHLM offers the PA and NP workforce a wide range of professional development resources geared toward fostering leadership and management skills in the healthcare setting. Our programming includes live conferences, online certificates, and partnership programs and offers those who manage PAs and NPs, the skills and tools they need to grow as leaders and managers.

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