Maureen Regan: From Clinical Provider to Healthcare Exec

Maureen Regan’s career path from clinical provider to healthcare executive might be summed up in seven words: “I was never afraid to change gears.” After taking her first position as a surgical PA in 1985, Regan, PA-C, MBA, FACHE, moved on to positions in academic medicine, hospital operations, and ambulatory surgery over the next three decades, all while raising five children. Asked what drew her to continually take on new leadership roles, Regan says simply, “They serendipitously presented themselves and I saw each one as an opportunity.”

Top 5 Ways to Get on the PA Leadership Path

Are you looking at becoming a PA leader in your organization? There are lots of avenues to get there. To start, PAs need to assess and build their competencies. Here are my top recommendations for getting on the path to PA leadership.

Leadership Survey: Immunization Against Burnout

The NEJM Catalyst Insights Council published the results of their survey on leadership burnout. The analysis and accompanying report offer up-to-date insights into issues associated with burnout of physician, PA, and NP leaders.

Create More Joy in Your Work in 2018

Still determined to fulfill New Year’s resolutions? One that you may have missed is increasing joy in your work as a PA. James L. Lonquist, MD, FACS, Baptist Heart & Vascular Institute, and physician coach with HealthStream, has suggestions to help you assess burnout and identify barriers to joy, before making your 2018 plans to bring more enjoyment to your work.