PA Uses Business Acumen to Improve Patient Care

Vice President of Operations Julie Gessin, PA-C, at New York-based Schweiger Dermatology Group, with 47 offices in New York and New Jersey and 600 employees, focuses on business operations to help improve patient care.

PA Patel Creates Niche in Clinical Informatics

PA Karishma Patel moved from Texas to New York City In 2017, but she works for Health Services of North Texas by training providers virtually from her home in New York. Her niche is in clinical informatics, helping providers ensure properly coded electronic medical records.

Promoting Positive Work Environments Critical In Ensuring Quality Patient Care

Promoting Positive Work Environments Critical In Ensuring Quality Patient Care AAPA’s Center for Healthcare Leadership and Management created the Employer of Excellence Awards to showcase hospitals and health systems that excel in creating positive work environments for PAs. Learn more about this award.

Hospital for Special Surgery PAs Lead Provider Clinical Operations

New York City-based Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), an orthopaedic specialty hospital ranked number one nationally by U.S. News and World Report, highly values its PAs. HSS’ culture of excellence and continuous performance improvement led to its selection as a CHLM Employer of Excellence.

Timothy Capstack Highlights Workforce Management of PAs and NPs

As Director of Clinical Integration at Adfinitas Health in Hanover, Maryland, Timothy Capstack, MD, FACP, SFHM, is responsible for managing the company’s 200-person PA and nurse practitioner (NP) workforce. What is workforce management? The term refers to managing the activities that are needed to maintain a productive workforce— for example, training and education programs and opportunities for advancement—while also focusing on financial efficiency.

Maureen Regan: From Clinical Provider to Healthcare Exec

Maureen Regan’s career path from clinical provider to healthcare executive might be summed up in seven words: “I was never afraid to change gears.” After taking her first position as a surgical PA in 1985, Regan, PA-C, MBA, FACHE, moved on to positions in academic medicine, hospital operations, and ambulatory surgery over the next three decades, all while raising five children. Asked what drew her to continually take on new leadership roles, Regan says simply, “They serendipitously presented themselves and I saw each one as an opportunity.”