Employer Advisory Services

When you work with us, you’ll develop strategies to more effectively utilize PAs and NPs in ways that align with executive strategy.

Every day, healthcare organizations like yours face multiple challenges: improving the quality of patient care, enhancing patient and provider satisfaction, and augmenting operational efficiency…just to name a few. Research proves that the optimal utilization of PAs and NPs within provider teams helps address these challenges.

While there are lots of healthcare consultants out there, CHLM specializes in the niche market of integrating PAs and NPs into hospitals and health systems nationwide. Because our expertise lies in the niche market of PA and NP utilization, our team is uniquely positioned to provide the most current legislative updates in billing and reimbursement, best practices from the field, provider satisfaction, and hiring and retention strategies. When you work with us, you’ll develop strategies to more effectively utilize PAs and NPs in ways that align with executive strategy. You’ll find that making just a few tweaks to how you utilize these invaluable providers can help your institution reach its goals even faster.


Start with a Survey

Our custom PA/NP survey will give you important feedback on provider utilization, billing practices, burnout, and more.

CHLM provides employers critical data to help them improve efficiencies, increase patient access, and improve provider engagement.



Engagement Process

CHLM has successfully guided several hospitals and health systems to improve provider utilization, billing and regulatory compliance, and more. Our 4-step approach to advisory services is customized to each institution’s unique goals and overall strategy.

Step #1: Needs Assessment and Survey

First, we perform a needs assessment to review the current state of your organization. This phase includes a comprehensive, customized PA/NP survey so that you can gain important feedback on efficiency, provider burnout, and more.The survey offers similar metrics to the 2018 PA and NP Workplace Experiences Survey Report, showing employers how they stack-up to the competition.

Step #2: Self-Reflection

At this point, some clients prefer to take on the next steps of organizational analysis and change implementation internally, without further input from CHLM. Others choose to move forward with Step 3 of our proven engagement process. The latter option allows you to take advantage of CHLM’s expertise while still remaining an active participant in each stage of the process.

Step #3: Site Visit

Next, our team of experts visit with key stakeholders on site to conduct interviews and focus groups to discuss organizational priorities, strategic goals, and provider team effectiveness.

Step #4: Recommendations and Implementation

After careful analysis, we provide a report on our findings that includes customized recommendations based on strengths and areas for improvements. You will walk away with a plan for implementation including calculated next steps.

Areas of Expertise

Maximizing Provider Utilization

The under-utilization of the provider workforce and inefficient use of PA and NP time and skills may hold back your organizational performance and lead to increased time for patient processing, suboptimal use of provider time, reduced employee morale, and increased turnover. CHLM works with you to develop comprehensive strategies to maximize productivity and limit clinical redundancy while adhering to applicable federal and state laws and payer guidelines.

Reimbursement and Billing Policy

CHLM provides a wealth of resources to help you optimize reimbursement and understand the risks for professional services provided by PAs and NPs. Medical and surgical services delivered by PAs and NPs are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, and nearly all private payers. However, private payers have their own coverage policies. For example, Medicare pays for medical and surgical services provided by PAs and NPs, but has myriad policies and regulations that must be followed to maximize reimbursement and avoid allegations of fraud and abuse. Our experts will help you make sure you’re compliant.

Credentialing and Privileging PAs and NPs

Healthcare organizations are held legally responsible for granting staff privileges only to competent physicians, PAs, NPs and other healthcare practitioners who provide a “medical level of care.” CHLM supports your institution as you establish PA- and NP-specific qualifications for medical staff appointment and clinical privileges that are aligned with the operational realities.

Hospital Practice: Regulations and Scope of Practice

The process of integrating PAs and NPs into hospital practice can prove challenging, largely due to the variability of state laws governing physician oversight requirements, prescriptive authority, and scope of practice. CHLM’s recommendations for a disciplined and insightful approach assure that an optimal return on the hospital’s investment in the integration of PAs and NPs can be realized.

Governance, Organizational Structure, and Corporate Culture

System efficiencies can be influenced by factors including a lack of understanding about how provider roles have evolved, generational and clinician training experiences, preconceived notions of clinical support staff, management, and clinical operations, and more. CHLM assesses corporate culture and guides the implementation of an appropriate governance structure to help your organization run at its peak.

Client Testimonials

“The CHLM team completed a details analysis of PA and NP utilization across our organization. With their insights, we were able to make significant, measurable improvements in productivity and job satisfaction.”

Large Hospital System in Connecticut

“CHLM experts identified a number of improvements with our policies, procedures, processes, core privileges, and onboarding rules for PAs and NPs. With these recommendations, our hospital became well-equipped for expansion.”

Community Hospital in Texas

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