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CHLM Approval

CHLM approves conferences, live events, webinars and other programs containing curriculum that parallels our mission of optimizing provider practice and advancing provider teams.

Our approval program helps healthcare providers identify programs that will equip them with the knowledge they need for professional and leadership growth.


CHLM Approval Program Eligibility

An organization is eligible to apply for CHLM Approval if it has received AAPA Category 1 CME credit approval AND offers unique professional development programs focused on leadership, with quality educational and instructional activities. Programs should demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the value of the provider team as a cornerstone of successful clinical practice.

CHLM Approval Benefits

Should a program meet the eligibility criteria and be selected for CHLM Approval, it will receive the following benefits:

  • CHLM advertisement of the organization’s program on the CHLM website with a link to register (if applicable) or a direct link to the organization’s homepage
  • The CHLM Approved logo to place on marketing material for the selected program, promoting its credibility throughout the healthcare industry*
  • Ability to market the approved program as one that promotes the value, growth and development of provider team collaboration*

CHLM approves events that encompass one or more of the following proficiencies:

  • Practical leadership and management skills development, utilizing broad-based curriculum and faculty
  • Training in areas such as leadership, finance, communications, negotiation, budgeting, recruitment and retention with relevance to many types of healthcare settings
  • Integrating quality into healthcare models to improve patient outcomes
  • Application of performance improvement in clinical practice to improve patient outcomes
  • Refining leadership and management techniques with problem-solving activities utilizing case studies or other practical, real-life situations that leaders often face in different healthcare models
  • Provokes thought leadership by providing networking opportunities with a broad group of administrators, providers or other healthcare professionals which share a common goal of promoting provider leadership

Apply now to receive CHLM Approval for your event.**

*Selected programs will receive and must follow AAPA/CHLM style guidelines for promotion.

**There is a $75 processing and review fee to be paid upon application submission. Payment must be received before application can be reviewed.

CHLM Approved Programs:


“The APACVS is the leader in Cardiovascular and Thoracic education and professional development of PAs who practice in cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery and critical care. The values in which the Association is founded are Education, Professionalism, Advocacy, Teamwork, and Service. The APACVS is the only society dedicated to representing the unique needs of cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgical PAs.”



About 50 people attended the CTV PA leadership tract – Chief PA primer course, at the 36th annual APACVS conference in New Orleans March 5, 2017. 


“The Connecticut Academy of Physician Assistants Charter Oak Conference (COC) is one of the premier PA Academy conferences in the country. The COC has built a reputation for the quality of its programs, faculty and attendees. As usual, we have an exciting lineup of lectures covering a wide range of clinical topics. “

To learn more about the meeting or to register: