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A Comparison of Conventional and Expanded PA Hospitalist Staffing Models at a Community Hospital

In an article recently published in the Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management, researchers found that an expanded PA hospitalist staffing model at a community hospital provided similar outcomes and a lower cost of care than a conventional one. Researchers did a retrospective study comparing two hospitalist groups at a 384-bed

Using Physician Assistants at Academic Teaching Hospitals

"A 6-month pilot study was conducted in an orthopedic department to determine optimal use of a physician assistant (PA)... In this study, our clinic model was converted to a split clinic to let the PA see patients independently while the supervising physician maintained his own clinic with a resident physician." To read the full article: "Using Physician

PA EXECUTIVE: Javier Esquivel-Acosta Increasing Access to Care From a Leadership Position

There was a time when PAs practiced medicine exclusively. But as the profession has matured, PAs are taking on more executive and administrative positions, such as executive director of a large surgical group practice, medical center PA director and even chief operating officer of a hospital.   To read the full article: "Increasing Access to Care From a Leadership Position"

New PA Infographic is a Big Hit

AAPA’s new mythbusting infographic has been a big hit online, with 2,396 likes, 2,923 shares and a reach of almost 300,000 on AAPA’s Facebook page, and thousands of page clicks from the PA Week site. Our new infographic highlights all that PAs do, while debunking some common myths about the
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