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Looking for an optimal return on your provider workforce?

Our clients attribute their success to our comprehensive perspective and customized programs that deliver results.

Having the right provider in the right place at the right time improves the quality of patient care, enhances patient and physician satisfaction and creates operational efficiencies in any healthcare environment. We will help you maximize the value of your provider team.

Our advisory services focus on the following key areas:

Ensure that your health system’s policies are formulated within the framework of compliance and risk mitigation. We hold deep knowledge of federal and state law, accreditation standards and regulations that will guide you through the complexities of healthcare delivery in a variety of settings.

With us, your organization will implement a consistent, competency-based professional performance evaluation program focused on updated medical staff credentialing and privileging policies and procedures.

Implementing compliant billing practices — with a focus on Medicare policy and regulation — is essential, and avoiding allegations of fraud and abuse is imperative. We ensure our clients navigate reimbursement provisions successfully and develop policies specific to their organization’s setting and state and federal payment policies.

High functioning healthcare systems establish clear lines of authority, responsibility and accountability. We assess the corporate culture and guide the implementation of a governance structure that’s tailored to your workforce. CHLM will elevate your organization from good to exceptional by addressing and solving inefficiencies in a number of areas, including communication, regulatory compliance, internal biases and misunderstandings about provider roles and practices.

CHLM teaches your organization how to integrate your provider workforce in a variety of settings, maximize productivity and eliminate redundancy.

Ensure your provider workforce is in a position to meet your strategic goals by recruiting and retaining the best talent available. We work with you to establish compensation models, staffing and scheduling plans and attractive benefits to keep your team in place.

Here’s how it works:

We design customized programs for our clients.

1. Needs Assessment

Our experts lead an intake evaluation to assess your needs.

2. Site Visit 

A formal in-person presentation for key stakeholders in your organization, followed by focus groups, breakout sessions and team meetings.

3. Recommendations and Implementation 

We work with key stakeholders to ensure successful implementation of our recommendations.

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